3. Starting our business

26th February 2012

Hey all, so just a quick update the translated report is due tomorrow so it will be forwarded to Fair Trials tomorrow also and we should have a plan of action in place by the end of the week. I’ll have to check but if they agree I will upload a copy of the report for the website. It is the lawyers submission to the court on Marks behalf for the appeal. Secondly lots of people have been asking how they can help and my cousin suggested a donation page and supplying people with fundraising packs to help raise funds for the forensic analysis of the CCTV footage however I have to speak with my local TD and lawyer with regards to the legal aspect involved in this and then I will set up a separate page giving people all the information they need should they want to help. So please watch out for this. Thanks again all x

Ok to continue with our story, August 2010 was a busy month for Mark and I. I handed in my notice in the creche and finished around the 18th. Mark worked flat out preparing the indoor and outdoor spaces of our home including converting a work shed into an amazing arts and crafts / rompus room in our back garden for the opening of our business. We held two opening days, finalized insurance cover, prepared policies and procedures, marketed our business while Mark also did some plastering work for family friend. Things really felt like they were starting to look up for us and we were both very happy. We received a grant from the Carlow County Childcare Committee to help with the set up costs and also received support from the social welfare who were helping us to get the business off the ground. My mother also helped us with setting up the business and was going to be an integral part of its day to day running.

Things were going well and Mark and I felt so happy about how everything was working out that we decided this was the time to beginning to try start our family. Needless to say I was on top of the world at this stage and Mark had become much more settled in Ireland.

The last thing to sort out was that Mark had promised  his brother he would return to Crete for a short trip, approx 3 weeks, in September to help finish the building job he was working on in an apartment complex in Piskopiano. So we looked up flights and found direct one way flights for only 80euro. I considered also heading over for just one week to visit my in-laws and friends in Crete however we decided I should hang on just in case with got a booking for the business. And sure enough 3 days after I booked Marks flight we got a call and booked our first child to start on Monday the 13th September. Mark left on Friday the 10th September and agreed he would be home before the end of the month and we would be finally set up and be able to begin to really enjoy our life together. I even remember grocery shopping with my mam in Dunnes before Mark left and my Mam turned to me and said, “I am so proud of you, things are finally starting to come together after all yours and Marks hard work and this is the start of good things for you both”. I remember the look on her face and felt so happy at making her proud of me and what we were achieving with our lives. I was proud of us too. We had relocated to Ireland, found a nice home, started a business, invested in a good reliable car and had begun to try for a baby. Everything was on track…

Gonna continue the story in the next blog as it will describe how the events of September 2010 unfolded after Marks arrest. Thanks for reading guys x

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