2. Our Life in Ireland

21st February 2012

Hi all, I’m back to continue Mark and my story. Sorry I am a few days late been a hectic few days, but we received the report from the lawyer and it is with the translater at the moment. So hopefully by early next week it will be with fair trials and we will have an action plan in place for our campaign. So fingers crossed and keep watching for updates. Ok so to continue our story….

So we moved to Ireland to begin a new life for Mark and I, with plans to start our own business and our famliy. Mark was happy about moving to Ireland however he was a little anxious. When we arrived in Ireland we moved into my parents house. Both Mark and I worked with my father in his florist shop over the busy Christmas period. In the meantime we both began our search for work both in Dublin and Carlow. I would have preferred to have found work and lived in Carlow however at the beginning of January I was offered a job in a creche in Sandyford, Dublin. With the commute to work and the hours, Mark was spending a minimum of 12 hours everyday at home on his own. He tried to keep busy, I think he must have painted every inch of my parents house!!! He would cut the grass, sanded garden furniture etc. However because he was not getting out to work he was not meeting any new people and began to get very lonely and suffered severe culture shock. Anybody who knows Mark, will know he is an extremely social person. He enjoys life and spending time with people. During the summer in Hersonisos it could take us 2 hours to walk the length of the beach road because Mark would know and stop to talk with everyone. So this along with trying to adapt to a new culture, country and language he became quite low. My dad gave Mark a couple of days work in the shop and over busy periods at Valentines and Mothers Day however the constant rejections from job applications took the toll on his self confidence. In February we moved into my sisters apartment in Tallaght which helped with my commute to work while Mark joined the gym to keep busy. By March Mark was so home sick that my parents encouraged him to take a trip to visit his family to recharge and when he came back that he would put everything into looking for a job. I booked Mark a one way ticket to visit his family in Crete and he left on the 17th March. We book a one way as Mark wanted to make his way to Albania to see his parents over Easter before returning to Ireland. Mark spent one week in Greece and one week with his parents in Albania before getting a bus to Athens from which I had booked his return flight. A week after he returned he was contacted to arrange an interview in a hotel in Carlow in the town I had wanted to set up my homebased childminding service. We were extatic. On the weekend of the interview I completed the Childminding start-up programme necesarry to become a registered childminder. Things were finally starting to come together. All the hard work was beginning to pay off and our plans were coming together. We moved home to my parents house again.

Mark began work in the hotel as a waiter on the 3rd May, the bank holiday Monday and on his lunch break we went to view a house that we agreed to move into at the end of the month. At the end of the week Mark was told to call the hotel on Sunday to find out his hours for the following week. When he called he was told they didn’t have any hours for him and to call next week to see about the following week. Both Mark and I were devastated as this job was the key to helping us relocate to Carlow and setting up our business. It was crushing. That evening Mark called his eldest brother for a chat and explained all our plans and everything that had happened over the past 6 months. His brother, a self employed builder, offered him a few weeks work to keep him busy until the business was up off the ground.

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