17. Almost at the ‘trial’

31st May 2012

Hi everyone, As you can see its been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last blog. There is several reasons for this. The first is that I have returned home to Ireland and I am preparing for the first fundraising event, the Family Fun Day and Auction in Killerig on the 16th June at 12 noon. I have been canvasing all the local businesses in Rathvilly, Baltinglass, Tullow and Carlow for support. The response has been fantastic so thank you to everyone.

I have also been trying to raise our profile with people, requesting they take a few minutes to visit the site and help sign the petition. It is exhausting, repeating myself over and over, and I am nearly running on auto pilot when talking with people. Its crazy because I can tell people all the horrible details but if they are nice to me, or ask how I am coping, I nearly have to run away because its too upsetting to let people I don’t know actually see what this has done to us.

This is the other reason why I haven’t written a blog in a while. The next part of our story is the TRIAL. The events of January of this years. Even as I write just these words my hands begin to shake and my stomach begins to churn. I am trying to syke myself up in order to just write about it. At times I can talk about it in bits and pieces, drawing on things that happened to support whatever it is I am saying however to actually sit down in front of this screen and attempts to describe the events, the actions of people, the feelings, emotions etc it just feels like an absolute mammoth task that I am not sure I am strong enough to complete just yet. So to those of you who follow this blog, who are waiting on the next installment of the story I do apologize I will get there with it eventually I promise.

As I mentioned before I am toying with the idea of a vlog and I might do this for the Trial, maybe, it might  be easier than writing, I dunno so stay tuned to find out!!

On another note, I received a letter from the Vice President of the EU Commission for Justice who said she investigated our claims and agrees the actions of the Greek courts are outside EU Law and that the National Authorities need to intervene. Sign a positive step in the political campaign.

I am here in Rathvilly today minding my 5 month old nephew today and it makes me sad that Mark has not met him, or his other nephew who was born in Albania 5 days before Mark and his family was arrested. My nephew is waking up so I am going to have to finish up, but I will get started on the Trial soon. Look forward to seeing you all at the Auction.

Choa for now x

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