16. A middle of the night blog

14th May 2012

As the title suggest it is 2:30am on Monday morning and I have to be up in 5 and half hours to go see Mark however I just can’t seem to switch off my brain. I woke up this morning in a weird humor and it hasn’t shifted all day, instead it has taken residence in my brain, not making me cry or shout or panic but just making me think, all day and all night.

Since I have been back in Crete I have been concentrating more on the fundraising side of our campaign, looking for sponsorship and financial support. I have backed off the political and media campaign slightly, as that is emotionally exhausting. However over the past 24 hours or so I just keep going over every single letter I have written, every email, every call I have made trying to come up with the answer, the key to getting us out of this mess. I know I haven’t found the person yet but I am at a loss as to where to go to next.

While on the sponsorship trail and since being back in Crete, I am meeting more and more people that are not convinced of our story straight off. And who could blame them, IT’S RIDICULOUS! I bumped into an old friend of Mark’s and mine the other day and he made a comment that “he thought they would get 4 or 5 years” I flew off the handle at him began pretty much reciting the facts page from this website. He then proceeded to blame the lawyer for not doing his job right if in fact Mark was not here. I tried to make him see that the problem was the court and the judges who made a decision based on public pressure and not facts and evidence but he was very reluctant to believe the courts could act in such a manner.

This encounter hurt so much because this is a man Mark had been good friends with and in an instant he turned his back on what he had known and chose to listen to the gossip and sensationalism reported in the disgraceful tabloids here.But who could blame him either. I am trying to tell him that the COURT and the POLICE who are here to protect people from wrong doing have committed such blatant racially motivated criminal act. Of course he is going to be skeptical. It was at this point it became blatantly obvious to me that I need to get our story in the media here. We have been going back and forth with this idea since January because it is difficult to gain public support here and if I am honest I am scared. I am scared Mark will be moved off the island, or his brothers will be attacked again, or the kids bullied in school. I am frightened.

Then a good friend of mine told me the other day she was talking with a man that was once my boss , during my first and second season in Crete. He also would have known me and Mark well. He ask my friend what I was up to that he had seen something on the internet etc. to which my friend said I “was fighting back now”. He responded by stating “but Mark has been found guilty by the court”. My friend told me she reacted in the same manner I did the previous day with my encounter with a skeptic and pointed out that how could he have been guilty if he wasn’t in Greece. My old boss challenged her by saying “do you think that courts are that corrupt that they would find an innocent man guilty”….. He too can’t believe that what we have been put through over the past 20 months has actually occurred.

Sometimes I want to climb into these peoples brains an actually see what they see. And then I want them to do the same in  my brain. Also this week, one of the decent guards in the prison was trying to access our website on his I-phone to show Mark the TV3 appearance, however he was unable to access it. The guard took the address of the website and said he will try download it to a USB at home so he can show it to Mark in the office.  He went home last night and apparently visited this site. He said he read through every inch of the site. He told Mark today he was horrified by what he read. He told Mark about what was on the site and the great work my family are doing for him and Andreas. He also told Mark that he knew he had some documents to prove he was in Ireland but had no idea of the extent of the miscarriage of Justice, the suspect DNA, the witness identifications and he told Mark he supported his case 100%. I ask did he say he was offended by anything on the site and Mark said no as this is something I am so desperately trying to avoid. I want to tell my story. I want to tell the truth, all of it as it comes out and not tip toe or sugar coat anything but I want people to also understand this is not directed at general people. I describe some instances generally as it is just to difficult to constantly go over everything.

After these three instances this week it has became blatantly clear to me I need to get OUR story out here. I need to get it in the papers, I need to tell the people here EXACTLY what has happened not what they think has happened. I know if people were aware of the actions of the court and the police they would be horrified and extremely supportive. But because it has not been publicised they don’t believe a “crazed emotional wife”.

Secondly I need to find my political KEY in Ireland and here in Crete. I honestly believe this case is such a sham that all it would take is one person in authority to ask for and study the file to discover how farcical it is and throw it out. But how do I find the key. I have tried for 21 months and hit brick walls at every turn. Even tonight I am still doing google searches for “Greek criminal Law” or “how to get out of prison” and “Greek Law schools”. But every search leads me to the same information I have already dissected and trisected since Mark’s incarceration. Nothing new ever jumps out. So how am I supposed to find my Key. Maybe I have already found it just not asked the right questions.

This is also something that has been bubbling away in my mind the past few days “new tactic” I need to raise public awareness here so I need to get into the media, but nobody would ever put their neck on the line for us so I was thinking to write the article myself, or a letter to an agony aunt page or something stupid like that. I have also asked Mark to write a letter and I am going to send it to all the medium in Ireland, Greece and Crete again. I also asked Mark to ask this guard for a letter, I know what the answer is going to be but I just need the “Key” the one thing that makes this nightmare just dissolve. Because if i don’t find it it’s me and my brain that is going to dissolve.

Anyway finally at 3.30 am my head hurts and brain is getting a little sleepy so I’ll spare you all any more jabbering.

Naten e mire x

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