13. Twelve month review of detention

7th April 2012

Hi everyone, So tomorrow is mine and Mark’s 3rd wedding anniversary. This  day last year we got the results of the first bail application, which refused bail for all 8 men. I remember in the weeks prior to receiving the answer, I was secretly concocting this idea in my head that the chief judge knew when our anniversary was and was making us wait for the answer as a gift for our wedding anniversary and that Mark would be released on the 8th April… sounds so stupid when I write it down… but inevitably it didn’t work out that way.  I remember how devastating that call from Mark was, you build yourself up so much, telling yourself that you are not expecting anything good to happen, but really you are, and when the bad news comes its heartbreaking… You climb up and up out of the hole and you finally think its going to get easier and BAMM right back down you fall.

The next day I received a lovely pink Kalanchoe plant and a box of chocolates from Mark. He had organised it with one of his nieces on a visit the week before, that she and her Mam get me something to mark the day. I was so touched by the gesture and showed it off to everyone back home on Skype!! Soon after this I flew home to Ireland for about two weeks to get myself together and have a break from Crete. On my return I began working a few hours at a pool bar in a small hotel. I fitted this in around my visits to Mark. The next few months went by without any news. Mark spoke with his lawyer in Athens on a weekly basis as did my father however I stopped calling the lawyer because I couldn’t cope with the fact he wouldn’t tell me what I needed to hear. I would end up having blazing rows with him, arguing the same points over and over as if by arguing them it would change something, but it never did. And the most frustrating part of it all was that the lawyer agreed with 90% of what I argued. He used to use the phrase “It’s not right but it’s legal” over and over and I swear it was like waving a red flag at a bull, it used to (and still does) set me off on a rampage.

As September approached we were all getting impatient as there was still no word on the close of the Book of Evidence. Rumors circulated about new evidence, waiting on reports and phone records etc but nothing ever materialized. Out of the blue Mark got notice at the prison for a court date at the beginning of September and again there was no indication as to the reason of what would happen. So again we all presumed it was the Pre-Trial. And again we were wrong. It was another mandatory bail hearing at 12 months. This time my mother, my sister and her partner flew from Ireland and met me and the lawyer. We were given much better odds of a positive outcome this time. For anybody else other than an Albanian I was told 80% chance however for Mark it dropped to 50% (better than 5%) however after Mark and the lawyer appeared before the 3 member council all hopes were shattered. The lawyer was furious with the chief judge after his presentation saying she kept interrupting him claiming she knew this and that, but as the lawyer pointed out to her, it wasn’t enough that she knew it she needed to take all of the facts on board and acknowledge what he was presenting, instead she just tried to rush him through his presentation and tick her boxes. As expected two days later we received the result and it was “no for all 8 men” again.

At this stage I felt things were completely hopeless, who was ever going to listen to what we had to say. I was told “its nobodies job to decide whether Mark was innocent or guilty until trial so for this reason nobody was obliged to listen to his defense at this stage”.  We were told to wait “patiently” for the Book of evidence to close. Again I took a trip home to my family after the result was announced to re-charge my batteries as such.

Ok that’s it for tonight, next blog will finally be the close of the book of evidence.. and the next twist of the knife!

Naten e mire x

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