Julie’s Story

Julie Marku outside the courthouse in Heraklion, Crete.


Julie, Mark’s wife, shares the non-legal and painfully human side of this overwhelming struggle.



1. How do I start?

2. Our life in Ireland

3. Starting our business

4. Mark and Andreas arrested

5. A blurred two weeks Pt.1

6. A blurred two weeks Pt.2

7. Getting back to Mark

8. Putting a plan in place


10. Moving to Crete

11. Six months later

12. Where are we now?

13. Twelve month review of detention

14. The book of evidence finally closes

15. The pre-trial… or, rather, the lack thereof!

16. A middle of the night blog

17. Almost at the ‘trial’

18. January 2012: Remembered in horror

19. A quick update

20. The trial – Thursday 18th Jan, 12

21. Countdown to the appeal – 10 days to the appeal

22. Countdown to the appeal – 8 days to go

23. Countdown to the appeal – 7 days to go

24. Countdown to the appeal – 6 days to go…

25. 5 days to the appeal – Mark will go to the court in his socks!

26. Countdown to the appeal – 4 days to go…

27. Countdown to the appeal – 3 days to go…..

28. Countdown to the appeal – 2 days to go…

29. Coming home for Christmas – Without Mark – PART 1

30. Coming home for Christmas – Without Mark – PART 2

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2 thoughts on “Julie’s Story

  1. My thoughts are with you. I lived in Crete for 3.5 years. I am now happy to be back in the UK as, like you, Crete was a place where I never felt safe. I enjoyed the weather, but not much else about the Cretan way of life. Whilst living there I witnessed many things, including what appears to be an inbread hatred of Albanians. When ever there was a burglary the locals would always say it was and Albanian who would have done it. In my experience, Albanians were amongst the nicest people I met whilst living there. Honest and hard working. The fact that I am not in contact with any Greeks speaks for itself, but I remain in contact with several Albanians via facebook. I wish you every success in getting support for this case.

  2. Irish citizens should expect some support from the Irish state… Foreign Affairs? Ambassador? Ministry of Justice?

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